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For parents who have been in a Parenting Now! or Birth To Three group. Read information about Parenting Now! and parenting resources.

Postpartum Exercise Challenges

Women’s bodies go through extraordinary transformations during pregnancy, and these changes continue even after the baby is born. After the birth of my daughter, the ligaments in my feet loosened and none of my running shoes fit! Finding a shoe with a wider toe helped prevent any pain and injury while I got back into …

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Pinwheels for Prevention

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Parenting Now! is planting pinwheel gardens to celebrate happy childhoods free of abuse. A list of locations is provided below, along with ways businesses can plant gardens. Check out our Executive Director, Lynne Swartz, on this KEZI piece Pinwheel Gardens Raise Awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month. We are grateful …

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Learn About Your Newborn

The phone rang midway through the morning, two days after my granddaughter’s birth and hours before the prescribed ‘discharge time’ from the hospital maternity unit. My daughter’s quiet voice came over the phone line. “Mom, I’m afraid.” “Of what, honey?” “Mom, I can’t do this. The nurse just came in, they want me to get …

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Peer Court Helps Teens

Innocent until proven guilty by a jury of one’s peers. This is the basis of our criminal justice system, an appropriate and just forum when guilt is questioned. Often missing from this equation, however, is true accountability, especially in the juvenile court system. We are taught not to admit guilt in this system, which results …

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Results, Photo Contest

Winners in all the categories of the Lane County Children’s Photo Contest have been announced. The photos were taken by four area professional photographers. A portion of each February sitting fee was being donated to Parenting Now! You can read more details on the photographers and the contest. The complete list of winners, including the …

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Child Abuse Can Be Prevented

Every day at Parenting Now! and Relief Nursery, we are rewarded by the success of a parent who nurtures and protects their child instead harming or putting them at risk, overcomes an obstacle, or makes a better decision when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. But there is still much work to be done. April is Child …

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Emotion Study Seeks Families

The Emotion Regulation in Families study, which is part of the Psychology Department at the University of Oregon, is seeking mothers of children aged 36-60 months who have experienced the following in their lives: fear of abandonment in relationships, difficulty controlling anger, being impulsive, and having relationships with extreme ups and downs. Additional screening qualifications …

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