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Parenting Now has the resources, curricula, and trainings for you to successfully help families thrive

Resources For Parenting Educators


Our evidence-based curricula is infused with what we've gained for 40-plus years of working with over 100,000 families. We call this our "secret sauce."

Training Opportunities

We provide trainings for Parenting Educators to support their delivery of our curricula, and we also teach general facilitation skills.

Enrichment Material

Check out the extras designed to enhance your work with parents and with groups:  videos, goal-setting cards, affirmation cards, and more.

Parenting Educators (1)

Wonderful ONEs Program

“A family was really struggling with conflict between their one-year old and their older dog. Their daughter was curious and rough with the dog, and acted jealous of him, shouting 'NO' over and over when the parents would give him attention or care. They asked for ideas from the group, and went home excited to try the things other families suggested. When we checked in this week they said “It went great! It was amazing how different she was with him after we made a few changes and involved her more in his care.”

Parenting Educators (1)

Terrific TWOs Program

“In last week’s Burning Issues, two families were having a hard time with bedtime getting drawn out, lots of tears, etc. The group worked together to brainstorm ways to make it more concrete and tactile. One family created blocks this week that show parts of their bedtime routine (pajamas, reading a book, etc). Now at bedtime their daughter says ‘It’s time to get my blocks!’ and happily sets them up, ready to go through the process. A process that had been a daily struggle is now a sweet, fun bonding experience with father and daughter.”

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