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Enrichment Material

New! Parenting: The First Three Years Support Video (DVD) for Home Visits and Groups

These high-quality, engaging videos address common parenting concerns and areas that parenting educators want to explain or reinforce. Learn more about these DVDs, available exclusively through Saavsus!

Words to Love By Cards

Parenting affirmation cards based on the positive parenting concepts contained in our Make Parenting A Pleasure® and Parenting: The First Three Years® curricula. Available exclusively through Saavsus.

Words to Love By Bookmarks

Each bookmark features parenting affirmations from the Words to Love By cards. Available exclusively through Saavsus.

Reachables - Family Goal Setting Cards

These Family Goal Setting Cards are tools for professionals and parenting educators to use with families. The cards come in both English and Spanish. Available exclusively through Saavsus.

The 4 Questions Magnet

A teaching and learning tool to use in your parenting groups. Makes a nice gift or a lesson reminder. Available exclusively through Saavsus.


Come pour, paint and Squish your way into hours of fun with these creative, easy to follow activities, games, and recipes for parents and children ages 2-1/2 to 5 years old. Learn about the importance of play! Available exclusively through Saavsus.

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