Enrichment Material

Developed by our Parenting Educators, these materials can enhance your work with families.

Reachables® Family Goal-setting Cards

Reachables Family Goal-setting Cards are a unique tool that help initiate conversations between parents and parenting educators to help them explore the challenging topic of family aspirations and goal setting.

Parenting Now home visitors developed a set of goal­-setting cards that helps families explore what they value, how they want to parent, and what they want for their families. Reachables goal­-setting cards are a fun and engaging tool that acknowledges family strengths. They are easily explained and present goals in a visually pleasing and non-­challenging way.

Available in English or Spanish!

Parenting educators and home visitors use Reachables on a continuing basis to generate rich discussions with families and help them set tangible and reachable goals.


Squishtivities is a wonderful way for parents and their children to have together time! Parenting educators like Squishtivities because it creates developmentally appropriate activities using: games, arts and crafts, music, and "messy play."

Come pour, paint and Squish your way into hours of fun with these creative, easy to follow activities, games and recipes for parents and children ages 2-1/2 to 5 years old.

Words To Love By®

These beautifully designed cards are a wonderful addition to group-based programs, for home visits, or as gifts. Each deck of 50 cards is filled with parenting affirmations, divided into four suits, like a deck of playing cards. The four suits are:

  •  Teaching and Positive Discipline
  •  Managing Stress, Relaxation, and Nurturing Ourselves
  •  Child Development, Language, and Communication
  •  Love, Grace, and Spirit
Sold by the case, with 12 decks of cards. Each deck contains 50 cards.

Parenting is wonderful. Even in special moments, however, parents appreciate affirmations about their parenting goals and skills.

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