REACHABLES® Family Goal Setting Cards


These Family Goal Setting Cards are tools for professionals, family advocates, home visitors, and parenting educators to use with families.

Available in English and Spanish.

Reachables® Family Goal Setting Cards are a unique tool that help initiate conversations between parents and parenting educators to help them explore the challenging topic of family aspirations and goal setting. Available in English or Spanish.

Parenting Now home visitors developed a set of goal­ setting cards that helps families explore what they value, how they want to parent, and what they want for their families. Reachables® goal­ setting cards are a fun and engaging tool that acknowledges family strengths. They are easily explained and present goals in a visually pleasing and non-­challenging way.

Reachables® contains three sets of cards focused on:

  • child qualities
  • parent qualities
  • goals for families

Reachables® aligns with Head Start Performance Standards (1302.35 Education in home-based programs).

Parenting educators, family advocates, and home visitors use Reachables® on a continuing basis to generate rich discussions with families and help them set tangible and reachable goals. Families come to love the process of goal setting, as Reachables® helps them build confidence and competence in creating the family they want.

Training for REACHABLES®

From Overwhelmed to Empowered: Easy Family Goal Setting Using Reachables®

Are you trying to set goals with families but are met with resistance, embarrassment, or overwhelm? It isn't enjoyable for anyone. This training makes goal setting achievable and teaches professionals, family advocates, home visitors, and parenting educators how to gently and effectively help families set goals.

This 2-hour training presents a process that enlivens goal setting with families. Using Reachables®, participants will support families to identify their values and dreams for themselves, their children, and their families, and then turn them into achievable goals. 

*Training is not required*

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Weight 16 oz

English, Spanish

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