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Parenting Now has been offering parenting education and support to parents in Lane County, Oregon since 1978. While we are unable to hold in-person parenting groups during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have lots of options for families, including:

Incredible INFANTs 

Designed for families with babies 1-4 months old, this group meets virtually on Zoom every other week for 10 weeks. New INFANTs groups start on October 21.

Wonderful ONEs

Do you have questions about your 1-year-old’s development? What about discipline at this age? In a Wonderful ONEs (12-24 months) group at Parenting Now, you’ll receive the support of other parents as well as information on the importance of routines, and ways to stay on your child’s side during all that exploring and learning. Click here for our Course Guide.

Terrific TWOs

In a Terrific TWOs group for ages 24-36 months, you will gain information about discipline as learning, the role of play, a 2-year-old’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Click here for our Course Guide.

Thrilling THREEs

At an exciting and challenging time in your child’s life, you can develop the skills for a positive parent-child relationship. This THREEs group (ages36-47 months) will help to resolve concerns about discipline, setting limits, and dealing with meltdowns. Click here for the course guide.

Make Parenting A Pleasure

Make Parenting A Pleasure® is for families dealing with higher levels of stress. The group focuses on positive parenting and enjoying your child (age birth to 8). Learn to manage stress in healthy ways and develop realistic expectations for parenting, as well as the latest about your child’s development and tools for positive discipline.


En el grupo Crecer usted conocerá a otros padres de niños recién nacidos y hasta 8 años de edad. Crecer es conducido en Español. Los grupos son basados en un plan de estudios de Parenting Now comprobado por padres. En este grupo, usted y otros padres de familia aprenderán: Como manejar el estrés de una manera saludable; maneras de desarrollar expectativas realistas para ser padres; lo último en información acerca del desarrollo de los niños; and Herramientas para la disciplina positive.

Program for Young Parents

Program for Young Parents is a parenting group for parents under 25. In Program for Young Parents, you will gain a greater understanding of your child, make new friends, learn positive approaches to discipline, as well as stress management.

To enroll in a parenting group, call 541-434-4343 or email

Healthy Families Virtual Home Visits

Pregnant or newly parenting? As you integrate a new baby into your family’s busy life, a Family Support Specialist can be there for you with weekly virtual visits. Call us at 541-556-5355 to learn more about Healthy Families.

To speak with a parenting group expert, contact us with this form or call 541-434-4343, and
we will help connect you with the best group for you and your family.


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