Terrific TWOs

Your 2-year-old is developing independent ideas and more ability to carry them out. At Parenting Now, we think that’s pretty terrific.

Parents of 2-year-olds often find group support helpful. In a Terrific TWOs group, you will:

  • Address relevant challenges and “hot tips” with other families with TWOs.
  • Explore your goals, values, and guidelines to create the family life that you want.
  • Learn “words that work” to build connection, cooperation, and mutual respect.
  • Explore using  positive discipline to guide your child as their best teacher and guide.
  • Learn to be an “emotion coach” to your TWO through upsets and meltdowns.
  • Learn strategies to guide your child through their expanding world.

Age: 24-36 months old
Duration: 10 sessions
Frequency: Every week

Scholarships available!
Click here for the Terrific TWOs course guide.

Email enroll@parentingnow.org, call 541-434-4343, or fill out our Enrollment Form to learn more!

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