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Incredible INFANTs

Incredible INFANTS is designed for families with babies 1-4 months old. The group meets virtually on Zoom every other week for 10 weeks.

New Incredible INFANTs groups begin every 4-6 weeks. Your group will help you:

  • Form connections with other families with new babies.
  • Learn to respond to your unique baby.
  • Explore the importance of self-care and how your adult relationships have changed.
  • Help your baby grow a healthy brain through play and relationship.
  • Address family routines and structures, including media use.

Age: 1-4 months old
Duration: 10 x 1 hr sessions
Frequency: Every other week
Cost: $100, scholarships available

Email enroll@parentingnow.org, call 541-434-4343, or fill out our Enrollment Form to learn more!

Click here for the Incredible INFANTs Course Guide.

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