Wonderful ONEs

Your baby is growing up! Do you have questions about your 1-year-old’s development? What about discipline at this age?

In a Wonderful ONEs group at Parenting Now, you'll receive the support of other parents, a professional Parenting Educator, as well as:

  • Develop a sense of community with other parents of Wonderful ONEs.
  • Learn to be a friendly guide to your mobile ONE.
  • Support your ONE’s emerging emotional intelligence through emotion coaching.
  • Explore your ONE’s natural motivations to encourage healthy development.
  • Get tips and tools for effective, positive discipline.
  • Discuss the importance of self-care.

Age: 12-24 months old
Duration: 10 sessions
Frequency: Every week

Scholarships available!
Click here for the Wonderful ONEs course guide.

Email enroll@parentingnow.org, call 541-434-4343, or fill out our Enrollment Form to learn more!

Mothers kissing their happy laughing child on both cheecks
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