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Reading/School Readiness

Finding the Right Preschool

Meet with local preschool providers at Parenting Now!’s Preschool Fair on Feb. 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Parenting Now! building. Some parents are matter-of-fact about sending their child to preschool. They may have older children who have gone to preschool or friends and neighbors who have placed their children in preschool …

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Problem Solved! Tactics for easing homework challenges

As school settles in for the fall season, many kindergarteners and elementary school children are heading home with homework packets in their backpacks. Homework needn’t be a time of stress or pressure. Enjoy this opportunity to spend time together and learn about the world again through your child’s eyes.

School Daze: Helping Preschoolers With Separation Challenges

Gearing up for preschool can be an exciting time for parents and toddlers. But even with all that excitement, starting preschool can be tough for toddlers who struggle with separation challenges. The good news is there are a number of strategies you can try to help take the edge off of this big transition.

Reaching Out For Help

They say it takes a ­village to raise a family — and it’s true. New parents sometimes can feel alone in their journey through new parenthood. Even when you have family close by or friends with children, your family is unique and requires a certain set of supports. Whether it’s child care, information about family-friendly …

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Every Child Is A Creative Child

These days we hear a lot about how our children need to be more physically active – soccer, gymnastics, walking, exercise… Physical activity is essential! But while we may not necessarily hear about it as much, children also thrive when they are supported and encouraged to be involved with the creative arts. Getting Your Child …

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Unplugging at Home for Positive Developmental Results

Does it sometimes feel like your child wants every toy, candy, and game that they hear about? It’s no wonder, with everything they hear and see in their environment, from television, social media, friends, and even in school. Some studies have found that by the time a child is three, they know and recognize about …

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Full STEAM Ahead – Bringing STEAM into the home

As your child gets to be pre-school and kindergarten age, you might hear a lot of talk about the importance of STEAM or its earlier version STEM. It’s not the steam of a locomotive or the stem of a plant that’s being talked about, though STEAM and STEM are related to all of that! STEAM …

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Adelante “STEAM”

Mientras tu peque llega a la edad del preescolar, puede que hayas oído hablar de la importancia del STEAM (siglas en inglés) del antes conocido STEM. “Steam” en inglés significa “vapor” pero no se refiere a eso, como tampoco la palabra “Stem” (que significa rama) a una planta. STEAM es un acróstico: Science (Ciencia) Technology …

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