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Finding the Right Preschool

Some parents are matter-of-fact about sending their child to preschool. They may have older children who have gone to preschool or friends and neighbors who have placed their children in preschool programs, so they know what to expect. Other parents may struggle with the idea of sending their 2-, 3- or 4-year-old off to school …

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Rebel With A Cause: Understanding Preschooler Misbehavior

During this developmental period, your preschooler starts making more independent choices and having specific preferences for things. This independence streak sometimes looks like disobedience or “misbehavior” when a child doesn’t follow your house rules or has a tantrum when asked to do something they don’t want to do.

Setting Limits for Curious Toddlers

It’s amazing to watch the transformations that our children go through during the infant and toddler years, starting out as seemingly helpless newborns and blossoming into toddlers who can walk, talk, make decisions, and show preferences for certain foods, toys, and company. But with a toddler’s growing independence and curiosity can come some challenging behavior, …

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Tired of Tantrums? Helping Your Toddler Work Through Their Feelings

The first year of your baby’s life is spent decoding cries: Are they tired? Hungry? Gassy? Need a new diaper? Over time, you get pretty good at reading their cues and meeting their needs before the crying escalates. But at around 12 months you may notice your (now) toddler getting upset over anything from not …

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