Resources for Talking to Children about Race & Equality

As early as 6-months old, babies begin to notice differences in people, including their skin color, hair, and eyes. It’s never too early to have conversations about race with your child and there are wonderful, kid-friendly resources out there to help guide you along in the process. Our Parenting Educators have rounded up some of their favorite resources for talking to children about race and equity. Here are their top choices:


• “Raising Anti-Racist Children – A Holistic Approach” by Janet Lansbury

• “Talking Race With Young Children” from NPR


• “How Silence Can Breed Prejudice: A Child Development Professor Explains How and Why to Talk to Kids About Race” from The Washington Post.

• “Racism and Violence: Using Your Power As A Parent To Support Children Aged Two To Five” from Zero To Three.

• “These Books Can Help You Explain Racism and Protest To Your Kids” from The New York Times.

• “Beyond The Golden Rule: A Parent’s Guide To Preventing and Responding To Prejudice” by Dana Williams.

Book Recommendations:

• “13 Children’s Books About Race & Diversity” from PBS.

Read-along Children’s Books About Race & Diversity:

• “We’re Different, We’re The Same” by Bobbi Kates.

• “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox.

• “It’s Okay To Be Different,” by Todd Parr.

• “The Family Book,” by Todd Parr.

• “The Color Of Us,” by Karen Katz.

• “Same Difference,” by Calida Garcia Rawls.

• “All Kinds of Children,” by Norma Simon.


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