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Helping Young Kids Face Bullies

As parents, we work hard every day to teach our children to be kind, empathetic, and respectful of others. Unfortunately, we can’t always be there to navigate their every social interaction.   Bullying is something present in almost any situation with kids and can start as early as kindergarten. Bullying can range from teasing, to …

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Rebel With A Cause: Understanding Preschooler Misbehavior

During this developmental period, your preschooler starts making more independent choices and having specific preferences for things. This independence streak sometimes looks like disobedience or “misbehavior” when a child doesn’t follow your house rules or has a tantrum when asked to do something they don’t want to do.

Baby Sleep Safety

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month. As a pediatrician, I constantly field questions concerning safety around the home, foods that pose choking hazards, etc. One topic I am particularly passionate about educating parents on is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS. New parents worry about all sorts of risks to their …

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Problem Solved! Tactics for easing homework challenges

As school settles in for the fall season, many kindergarteners and elementary school children are heading home with homework packets in their backpacks. Homework needn’t be a time of stress or pressure. Enjoy this opportunity to spend time together and learn about the world again through your child’s eyes.

Feeling Blue?

During pregnancy, your friends and family may have shared stories with you about feeling “love at first sight” upon meeting their newborn, or having that “instant connection.” If that isn’t enough, movies and TV shows tend to show new mothers in postpartum bliss—and back to their pre-pregnancy bodies with a clean house to boot! Of …

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Tired of Tantrums? Helping Your Toddler Work Through Their Feelings

The first year of your baby’s life is spent decoding cries: Are they tired? Hungry? Gassy? Need a new diaper? Over time, you get pretty good at reading their cues and meeting their needs before the crying escalates. But at around 12 months you may notice your (now) toddler getting upset over anything from not …

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Tidy Toddlers: Teaching Children To Clean Up

This week’s blog post from the Triple P Team walks us through tips for teaching toddlers to clean up their messes. From blocks to books, to stickers to stuffies (SO MANY STUFFIES!), life with a toddler is never boring. But with all that fun comes a lot of cleanup. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when …

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Born To Run: Helping Toddlers with Wandering

This week’s Triple P post gives suggestions for wandering toddlers. Infants and toddlers are natural born movers and shakers. After they learn to confidently walk, it doesn’t take long before they are darting off in every direction to explore their environment. Your child, who once happily sat in a baby carrier or rode along in …

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