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Amanda Bedortha is the communications content writer and editor at Parenting Now!

Friendships Formed In Group Stayed Stitched Together

To celebrate Parenting Now!’s (formerly known as Birth To Three) recent 40th anniversary, Sue Fleming—along Colleen Biggs, Mardell Eastburn, Sandi Sanders, Nancy Bischof, and Jean Severns—donated 40 handmade baby quilts to Parenting Now!. It’s a tradition the group—made up of many former Birth To Three members—started 15 years ago as a way to stay connected …

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Parenting Takes A Village

Parenting Takes A Village This article appeared in the January 14, 2019 edition of the Register-Guard.  We are social creatures by nature. In the earliest years of our existence on Earth, our survival depended on having family and friends in our village to feed, shelter and comfort us. Today’s world is vastly different from the …

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Use Discipline As A Teaching Moment

Use Discipline As A Teaching Moment This article appeared in the December 23, 2018 edition of the Register-Guard.  This November, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released an update to its policy regarding corporal punishment, or, more commonly known in parenting circles, as spanking. Spanking is still legal in many states as a form of …

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Meet Our Staff: Kathryn Gaines

Kathryn Gaines serves as Parenting Now!’s Director of Development. She is a graduate from the University of Oregon. For the last 10 years, she has owned a professional business-organizing company where she worked with clients to implement and document organizational systems that improved efficiency. She brings a unique insight and the ability to communicate clearly …

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The Power of Groups

(This article appeared in the April 9, 2018 edition of the Register-Guard) When you are an expecting parent, your friends, family and co-workers may gush over cute baby clothes and name choices, provide their lists of top 10 “must-have” baby gear, and share stories of explosive diapers and gas smiles. Even when baby first arrives, …

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Grandparenting Is One of Greatest Gifts

[Click here to sign up for the Joy of Grandparenting workshop.] One of life’s great pleasures can be in the role of a grandparent. Grandparenting adds richness, depth, sweetness, and just plain fun to life. Grandparents can be a great gift in the lives of our grandchildren and their parents. And grandparenting can be one of …

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Activities Around Town for Grandparents and Grandkids

On Sunday, September 10th, Parenting Now! is hosting its Grandparent’s Day Celebration at Emerald Park. From 1 pm to 4 pm, join us for family photos, ice cream, an artifact zoo, and more! With Parenting Now!’s Grandparent’s Day Celebration just around the corner, we’ve decided to round up some fun, local activities that both grandparents …

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Finding Time to Connect

Between feedings and bathing, finding matching socks, changing diapers, playing blocks, and all that happens in between, it can sometimes feel like 100% of our time is focused on our babies and toddlers. The demands of young children can leave little time to connect with your partner. It’s easy to forget what life was like …

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Reaching Out For Help

They say it takes a ­village to raise a family — and it’s true. New parents sometimes can feel alone in their journey through new parenthood. Even when you have family close by or friends with children, your family is unique and requires a certain set of supports. Whether it’s child care, information about family-friendly …

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