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Older Child

Open Adoption

On-going contact provides birth parents with the reassurance that their child is thriving in the adoptive home. This helps them feel at peace with their decision. Knowing that the birth parents fully support the adoption, the adoptive parents feel secure in welcoming the birth parents into their lives.
In reality, how does it work? We asked the birth mother and adoptive parents of Carly to talk about the experience of going through an open adoption. Michele, the adoptive mother, says, “It was always my expectation to have as open a relationship as possible.”

Help Children Cope with Grief

Successful grieving after the death of a loved one is an extremely difficult task for anyone. For children, all deaths are untimely. The bereaved child’s comprehension of events is dependent upon their developmental level. Their emotions are varied and unique, and not as neatly characterized as what occurs in adults.

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