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Volunteer Spotlight: Christy Rigopoulos

This spring, Parenting Now was lucky to have Christy Rigopoulos as one of our stellar interns. Christy, a senior at the UO, worked hard to support our local, deserving families by coordinating a Healthy Families Care Package fundraiser. She raised over $850 dollars in a few weeks to provide care packages for the families that we serve!

Thank you, Christy, for helping local families feel less stressed and find more joy with their children during the Father's Day season this year! 

Christy says: “Parenting Now was my first internship and first real professional practice that I have ever had, and it is an experience that I will always hold dear to me. Interning here has been a highlight of my college career. Every experience has been so rewarding, allowing me to follow my passion of working with children and families. I am beyond happy with the outcome of the Healthy Families Care Package Fundraiser. This senior project was truly outside of my comfort zone, but I am beyond grateful to my supervisors—Sona Hodaie, Kathryn Gaines, Claire Davis, and Dixie Devita-Osborne—for their dedication to supporting this project with their time, energy, and wisdom. Most importantly, a huge thank you to Rita Gillihan, my main supervisor, who hired me back in 2019 and has been the most amazing role model and support. I am sad to leave Parenting Now, but I am so grateful for the growth and inspiration that I have gained here.” 

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