Spring Reading Recommendations

This edition's book recommendations from the Eugene Public Library focus on imagination and play.
Outside in, written by Deborah Underwood; illustrated by Cindy Derby. Illustrations and easy-to-read text reveal ways nature affects our everyday lives, such as providing food and clothing, and showing when to go to bed and when to get up.
We all Play, written and illustrated by Julie Flett. From chasing, chirping birds, to swimming, squirting whales, this book for young readers reminds them how animals play just like them. This picture book, with gorgeous images and sweet simple text, is a marvelous celebration of the interconnectedness of all creatures, and includes some Cree phrases.
You Matter, written and illustrated by Christian Robinson. This book reminds readers that no matter what happens or how one feels, he or she matters.
Mr. Wuffles, written and illustrated by David Wiesner. MrWuffles is a cat who loves to play with a little spaceship full of actual aliens-but the ship wasn't designed for this kind of rough treatment. When the space visitors dodge the cat and take shelter behind the radiator to repair the damage, they make a host of insect friends.
On a Magical Do-Nothing Day, written and illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna. Translated by Jill Davis. Sent outside by their mother on a rainy daya child is dismayed when their handheld game falls into the pond before they encounter giant snails, wet mushrooms, and other elements that awaken them to the sensory aspects of nature.
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