Resources for Parenting Through COVID-19

If you have young children, this is likely the first time you've had to parent through a pandemic. COVID-19 has completely upturned our daily lives, our routines—everything.

And we have concerns about our health, our children's health, how to talk to our kids about Coronavirus, and where to get financial support during a time of unprecedented layoffs—and some of us just need ideas on how to keep our kiddos busy and engaged all day!

There are lots of wonderful resources floating around the web, and we've conveniently compiled them here for families to easily access. Stay healthy, families!

General Community Info: 

Help With Basic Needs:

• Food for Lane County: For real-time referrals, closures, and updated food resource information, please contact the front desk at 541-343-2822 (M-F 9am-4pm).

Virtual Opportunities for Learning and Play:

• Virtually tour a National Park!

• Take a virtual vacation!

• Virtually tour a museum!

TinkerGarten at Home: free activities in English and Spanish

Peep and the Big Wide World Videos y Actividades para los padres de familia

• Use your local library card to access free newspapers, movies, and TV shows.

Talking with your child about COVID-19:

"Something Strange Happened In My City:" A social story about the coronavirus pandemic for children.

"How To Talk To Children About The Coronavirus," from Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School.

"Understanding Coronavirus and How Germs Spread," from Brains On!

"Helping Children Cope With Emergencies," from the CDC.

• "Tips for Families: Coronavirus," from Zero To Three.

• "Healing In Place: Game on to find the flip of the Covid-19 threat into a positive experience for our children," from Johns Hopkins University.

Resources To Take Care of Yourself As A Parent:

WellMama virtual support groups, and text support: 541-525-0495.

White Bird Crisis Line is accessible 24/7 by phone at 541-687-4000

"COVID-19 Uncertainties: Caring For Yourself, Caring For Your Kids," from Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1/800-273-8255 (voice) 838255 (text) 

• The Friendship Line (24-hr hotline/warm line) 1/800-971-0016

• Free live-stream exercise classes.

Tips for Working at Home from ACEs Connection Staff.

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