Have Fun This Summer With Your Toddler

Summer is a great time to get outside, experience new things, and try something out of the ordinary with your child. The longer days provide us with the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, and there are endless places to explore in our area. 

If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to get you and your toddler out of the house, keep reading!

Before you go

Getting out earlier in the day is good for both you and your toddler. Not only do you avoid being out during the hottest time of the day, but hopefully, your toddler will take an afternoon nap if you get out early enough and maybe you can, too!

Before you go out, make sure to bring extra clothes and dress for the weather or situation. When it is very hot outside, make sure to dress your toddler in loose-fitting, lightweight, cotton clothing. This will help your toddler feel cool when it’s hot outside. In addition, don’t forget to pack extra water and sunscreen, and be mindful of the temperature inside your car. During the summer, your parked car can be 50 (or more) degrees hotter than the current outside temperature. Airing out your car before traveling or using window shades can reduce the risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 

Let the fun begin 

Here are some outdoor activities to try with your toddler:

  • Take a walk around a local nature area such as a pond or wetland and look at the different plant life and see if you can find any animals.
  • Go on a hike together. Make sure to choose a hike that isn’t too difficult just in case your toddler gets tired, and you end up carrying them back.
  • Enjoy any of the parks/playgrounds in town. There are so many different amenities at the parks. Maybe even try going to a different part of town from where you live and try those parks.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for different types of plants in your neighborhood.
  • Try something new. This can be anything from trying a new food together to trying out a new activity like soccer or gymnastics.
  • Go to a local farm. Taking a drive with your toddler is a great way for you both to see something new. Look at the scenery. Look to see if there are birds in the sky or sheep in the fields.
  • Enjoy a picnic together. Take food you know your toddler will eat but also take something that they haven’t tried yet or they don’t like. Maybe eating it outside in a different location will change their mind!
  • Have a cool treat together. This can be anything from ice cream to making your own popsicles.

Heat can factor into how the day can go. Be mindful of you and your child’s limits. If your toddler doesn’t feel like doing something one day, that’s ok because you have tomorrow. Make sure to add in nap times and rest periods for both of you. 

With all these suggestions, remember that some days just won’t work well for you or your toddler to go on an adventure. Being flexible and go-with-the-flow is the best way for you to enjoy your time together. 

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