Haga de la Familia un Placer
Segunda Edición

Evidence-based parenting curriculum for Spanish-speaking families and Parenting Educators.

  • Translated and adapted from our acclaimed curriculum, Make Parenting A Pleasure®, Second Edition

  • It’s easy to use! No training is required, and no translation is needed. Parenting Educators can easily facilitate a group by following and reading directly from the curriculum

  • Ideal for use with highly stressed parents of children from 0 to 8 years old

  • Field-tested with Spanish-speaking parenting groups

Parenting Educator Testimonial

"The Haga de la Familia un Placer curriculum is one of the most impressive that I have shared in my more than 20 years of working with Latino families in the United States. Each session contains material that helps families use tools and techniques to encourage positive behavior and self-care for parental emotional health.

I highly recommend Haga de la Familia un Placer for families with children up to age 8, as it is an evidence-based program that is culturally tailored to our community." -- Luis Acosta, Family Educator with Parenting Success Network


30% of the U.S. population identify as Latino/a.

Meet Spanish-speaking families where they are.

Use culturally and linguistically appropriate curriculum.

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What’s Included

  • 12 modules formatted with icons identifying key concepts, session agendas, and meeting shopping list
  • Facilitator’s guide makes it easy to stay on task
  • 15 parent booklets with reproducible handouts
  • 15 parent graduation certificates. Print files provided to produce additional certificates
  • 2 flash drives, each containing 9 videos that serve as conversation starters
  • Parent evaluation materials


Field Tested 

Haga de la Familia un Placer, SE was field-tested with Spanish-speaking parenting groups led by bicultural, bilingual Parenting Educators. A total of 78 Spanish-speaking parents with children aged 0 to 8 participated in the pilot groups.

The majority of parents (79%) in the pilot groups were born in Mexico, with the remainder born in the U.S. (8%), Guatemala (5%), El Salvador (4%), Ecuador (2%), Costa Rica (1%), and Peru (1%). 

Results of the pilot group evaluation:

  • 75% or more of parents reported improvement in 11 of 12 measures assessing positive parenting practices and attitudes. 
  • 96% of parents said they would recommend the parenting group to other parents, and 90% indicated the information and resources in the group were “very helpful.”

In response to an open-ended question asking parents to describe how their parenting has changed since taking this class, parents reported (translated from the original Spanish):

Help prevent ACEs in your Spanish-speaking communities with an evidence-based curriculum.

Evidence-Based Research

The curriculum has been field-tested in each phase of development. Make Parenting A Pleasure® SE, the English version of Haga de la Familia un Placer™ SE is research and evidence-based and has been proven effective in increasing protective factors in a randomized controlled trial.

A 2019 paper in Child and Family Behavior Therapy describes the results of a clinical trial of Make Parenting A Pleasure® (The English version of Haga de la Familia un Placer SE) with highly stressed families. Promising outcomes included improvement of self-reported symptoms of parental depression and improved parenting skills and knowledge of child development.

Read the Study Here

Haga de la Familia un Placer, SE is grounded in the Center for the Study of Social Policy’s Protective Factors Framework: parental resilience; social connections; concrete support in times of need; knowledge of parenting and child development; and social and emotional competence of children. These five factors are associated with reducing the potential for child abuse and neglect.

Haga de la Familia un Placer aligns with Head Start Performance Standards 1302.51, Parent activities to promote child learning and development, and is listed as both a research- and evidence-based curriculum in their Parenting Curricula Review Databases.

What Parents Learn

  • Parents identify and discuss “Barriers” they may encounter.

  • Parents identify the values and goals they want for their child as they “pack their child’s suitcase.”

  • Parents learn to support their children's emotional development through emotion coaching.

  • Parents learn to strengthen the parent-child relationship with “Positive Attention Through Play.”

  • Parents learn about current brain development information and the “Effect of Stress” on child development.

  • Parents use Home Practice Cards to reinforce skill-building.

Curriculum Overview & Examples


Parenting Educator Guide

The Parenting Educator Guide describes the curriculum's theoretical framework and adult learning principles.

Session 4

Sample Session 4

Review session 4 of 12. Key Concepts: Unwanted stress can harm our health and relationships.  There are simple ways to reduce the adverse effects of stress. By the end of this session, parents will: 1. Understand the unhealthy effects of unwanted stress. 2. Learn some simple approaches for calming the stress response

Session 4 Video

Session 4 Video Example

There are nine videos in Haga de la Familia un Placer™. The videos can be used to model parent behavior, demonstrate the skills taught, and serve as conversation starters.

Optional Training for Parenting Educators

Our curriculum has comprehensive, clear step-by-step instructions for the Parenting Educator, enabling program implementation without a training requirement. However, many Parenting Educators greatly benefit from the training provided by Parenting Now. Please see our Training for Parenting Educators page.

Our training for Make Parenting A Pleasure, SE, is applicable for Haga de la Familia un Placer™, SE.  At this time, we do not have this training in Spanish. Let us know if you’d like us to consider offering a training for Haga de la Familia un Placer™ in Spanish. If enough people request this, we can offer it! 

Upcoming training opportunities:

Make Parenting A Pleasure Curriculum Training:

October 2, 3, and 4. from 9 am to 11:00 am or 12:00 pm to 2 pm PT. Register here

Haga De La Paternidad Un Placer

This curriculum has been discontinued, but Parent Booklets are available for purchase below.

Haga De La Paternidad Un Placer Parent Booklets


Set of 15 parent booklets for Haga De La Paternidad Un Placer curriculum with reproducible handouts.



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