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Make Parenting a Pleasure®, Parenting Now!’s flagship program, is a research- and evidence-based group curriculum for highly-stressed parents of children from 0 to 8 years old. The Second Edition is updated with a fully reconfigured presentation of content and new videos supporting the new formatting.

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Listed In Parenting Curricula Review Databases

Parenting Now! is proud to announce that Make Parenting A Pleasure® is listed as both research- and evidence-based curriculum on the newly-issued Parenting Curricula Review Databases found on the Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center.

This database is the result of a project conducted by the National Center of Parent Family Community Engagement and completed with researchers from the Brazelton Touchpoint Center and the Butler Institute for Families at the University of Denver. The database contains reviews of almost 30 parenting education and home-visiting curricula and their relevance and alignment with Head Start Performance Standards.

Read the peer reviewed article about the clinical trial

A 2019 paper in Child and Family Behavior Therapy describes the study results of an evaluation of Make Parenting A Pleasure with highly stressed families. The outcomes indicate that Make Parenting A Pleasure is effective in improving several of the protective factors that are shown to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect, specifically, reduced symptoms of depression and increased knowledge of parenting skills.

Read the complete report here.

About Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition

Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition is a research- and evidence-based group parenting curriculum by Parenting Now! built on a foundation of 40 years of experience in working with highly-stressed families with children ages newborn to 8.

Based on the same theoretical foundation as the original curriculum, the updated Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition was field-tested in each phase of development to ensure that the new 12-session configuration is effective and well-received by parenting educators and parents when classes are conducted within a real-world context.

The Second Edition reorders presentation of the contents of the original Make Parenting A Pleasure, which we still make available to the hundreds of organizations that have trained on this version of the curriculum.

The Second Edition streamlines the original 13 sessions for delivery in 12 sessions. It contains updated and additional child development information and features new video content that supports the newly-configured curriculum format.

Each of the 12 sessions is fully scripted, with discussion, activities, or practice for parents to share what they know about each topic as it is introduced. This curriculum includes skill practice at home with Home Practice Cards, which are provided to parents.

Throughout the Second Edition, parents are encouraged to practice newly learned skills with concepts carried forward from session to session. Session content is tightly refined and scripted to ensure that it can be completely presented in a 2-hour session.

The key topics addressed in Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition have been expanded to include:

  • Devotion of time in each session for parents to identify and discuss “Barriers” they encounter
  • Focus on “Values and Goals”, which research indicates is a critical issue in parent education
  • Identifying what parents value for their children – an exercise to identify what parents want to pack in their child’s “Suitcase”
  • Connecting with children and strengthen relationships through “Play”
  • Presentation of new brain development information about the “Effect of Stress” on child development

Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition is group-based. Its curriculum is modularized into discrete sessions, contained within separate facilitator booklets, to enable organizations to offer multiple groups using a single set of materials. Parenting Educators are encouraged to review the Parenting Educator Guide to learn about the theoretical foundations of the curriculum and to understand how the sessions are presented to parents in the group setting. The Parenting Educator Guide also discusses the principles of adult learning, which underlie the design of Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition.

Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition aligns with Head Start Performance Standards (1302.51 Parent activities to promote child learning and development). Make Parenting A Pleasure® is listed as both research- and evidence-based curriculum on the newly-issued Parenting Curricula Review Databases found on the Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center.


The 12-session turn-key program is discussion-focused. Sessions are straightforward and comprehensive, with clear Trainingstep-by-step instructions to the parenting educator that enables the implementation of the program without a training requirement. While many organizations use Make Parenting A Pleasure without formal training, parenting educators will greatly benefit from the trainings and training support services provided by Parenting Now!. Scheduled trainings are listed here and information on additional training services can be viewed here.


Make Parenting A Pleasure is designed to utilize a conversational process that respects the skills of the parent educator, empowers families, and can be adapted to suit a wide range of environments and populations to maximally improve outcomes. The parent educator acts as a guide to help the families discover unrealized parenting knowledge. This approach raises the confidence of parents as they discover that they already possess the capabilities necessary to achieve their family goals.

Each session’s module booklet is formatted with icons that guide the parent educator and identify key concepts, session agendas, and meeting materials requirements. Reproducible parent handouts are provided, along with forms for collecting feedback. The curriculum comes with 3 copies of our DVD which contains video clips that act as conversation starters to enhance discussion along with meeting flow and to help model parent behavior.

Make Parenting A Pleasure Second Edition includes:

  • 12 modules formatted with icons identifying key concepts and session agendas
  • Facilitator’s guide makes it easy to stay on task
  • 15 parent booklets with reproducible handouts
  • 15 parent graduation certificates
  • 9 short videos on DVD that serve as conversation starters and help model parent behavior (3 copies)
  • Parent evaluation materials

Sample Content

 Sample Session

Sample Session

Encouraging Healthy Development

Additional Materials

Make Parenting A Pleasure Second Edition Parent Booklets (set of 15)

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Make Parenting A Pleasure Second Edition DVDs (set of 3)

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Make Parenting A Pleasure Graduation Certificates (set of 15)

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“As a Parenting Educator, I have used the Make Parenting A Pleasure curriculum and had the opportunity to conduct classes using the Second Edition.


The first thing I noticed was that the Second Edition makes it very easy to get the families talking about each topic. I like having the family members talk amongst themselves and then gather as a group. Learning is less stressful that way. The families who are new to my group these past few months have mentioned how they already see results in their children’s behavior from using strategies outlined in our sessions.


One of the family members told me about how she already used one of the principles I had presented in session. We were talking about communication and that young children often cannot think in the negative. Her daughter was about to walk through a big wet spot on the carpet, and her father said “Don’t walk on that!”. The mom said she could see that her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter could not figure out what to do instead. Mom then told her daughter, “Walk around the wet spot, this way,” and the child responded correctly. The mom said it was an epiphany!


Another family with a five-year-old boy told me that after about four weeks of coming to the group every week, the boy started saying how he feels more, and that when he is feeling negative feelings, he does not act out like before. Instead, he says “I’m really ANGRY” and that lets his caregivers know what is going on with him. She said how much better the boy feels about himself because he is not in trouble all the time any more.


This is making a difference!”

— Hali Burley, MPAP Parenting Educator with Parenting Now!

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