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Family Time/Routines

Gifts From Our Parents

In this season of giving, Parenting Now! asked community members to share memories of the lasting gifts they received from their parents. Gustavo Balderas: My parents taught me to value education. Growing up, my parents worked very difficult blue collar jobs. They constantly reminded my brother and me to work hard in school, to stay …

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grandmother with grandbaby

Being a Grandparent

Thirty-nine years ago my first child, Joshua, was born. The experience of becoming a mom was so powerful that it actually inspired my life’s work, helping to create and direct the parenting organization, Birth To Three, which we know today as Parenting Now! From my own experience as the mom of Josh and his brother, …

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Postpartum Depression and Parenthood

I’m happy not to be a cavewoman, for a variety of reasons. But right now, I’m particularly happy not to be a cavewoman or any woman without access to a sympathetic medical community, because postpartum depression has been kicking my butt. I’ve heard the arguments that PPD, or perinatal mood disorder, is just a modern-day …

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Introduce Babies to Nature

When we learned that we were going to be having a child, we knew immediately that it would be important to for us to expose him to nature and the outdoors as much as possible. But we also knew that might be a challenge. It could be difficult to deal with adverse weather, diaper changes …

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Favorite Children’s Books

Jennifer Volem, a parenting educator with Parenting Now!, asked parents in several Wonderful ONEs® groups to share the titles of their favorite books from their childhoods. First group: Corduroy I Am a Bunny Baby Listens Baby Face books Camping Spree with Mr. McGee The Foot Book Put Me in the Zoo Tadpole Rex Forest Friends The Little …

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Infants Benefit When Parents Read to Them

Babies enter the world ready to learn. Before they can recognize words, grab an object or even focus their eyes, they can enjoy books. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a policy encouraging parents to read aloud daily beginning in infancy. After all, if we want our children to become lifelong readers, we need to …

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Gifts From Our Parents III

Parenting Now! asked community members to reminisce about the lasting gifts they have received from their parents. Sheryl Kesey Thompson: “Whether they intended to or not, my parents offered my brother and me experiences, opportunities and travels that were unique and full of adventure as we were growing up. Although I remember not always being …

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Toys for Gifts

Age-Appropriate Gift Ideas from Parenting Now! Suggested by our professional parenting educators The parenting educators at Parenting Now! want to remind parents that their time with their children is the best gift. Here are some other options: INFANTS (used with adult supervision once the child is old enough to sit up): Mirrors (unbreakable) Balls “Baby …

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Two-Generation Parenting Programs

Parent-Child Programs Holds Promise Parenting is one of the most rewarding activities one can do, but it is also one of the most challenging. As the saying goes, children don’t come with instruction manuals. Therefore, many parents welcome additional tools that can support their children’s healthy development. Increasingly, scientific evidence on child development is revealing …

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