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Winter Giving 2020

This year, Healthy Families and Make Parenting a Pleasure Programs are serving over 100 families who are struggling. These services are free to families and are sponsored by grants and donations.

Some parents who participate in these programs are not able to give their child even one gift in this time of year for giving gifts. Especially this year, with so many extra stressors we are all facing, the financial stress has been severe for struggling families.

We are asking you to consider purchasing one (or several if so inspired) $20 gift cards for a child (either Amazon, Target, Fred Meyer, or Walmart) so their parents can experience the joy of buying a gift for their child. Alternatively, you can also mail us your donation and we will purchase gift cards for families. Please make the check payable to Parenting Now, and mail checks or gift cards to: Parenting Now, Attn. Winter Gifts, 86 Centennial Loop, Eugene, OR 97401.

Our staff will make sure each family safely receives a gift card for their child.

Our parents thank you for sharing your generosity with their children, and the children thank you for making their wishes come true!

If you would like more information about this request, please call Claire Davis 541-731-4536.

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