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Volunteer Spotlight: Hailey and Madison

Meet Hailey and Madison. These two recent high school graduates volunteered in Parenting Now!’s Children’s Program. Let’s get to know them better!

Q: What has your experience been like volunteering at Parenting Now!?  What do you feel you learned or accomplished as a volunteer?

Hailey: I’ve loved volunteering with Parenting Now! these past two years. The organization was so crucial to my high school experience, it was so nice to have a place to dedicate some of my time to and learn how to manage my schedule while also doing work that helps out the community. I love working with kids and it was so meaningful to have the chance to be around them and to watch them grow and make friendships. I’m so thankful to have had an organization like Parenting Now! to teach me about professionalism and the importance of volunteering for the community.

Madison: Volunteering at Parenting Now! has been a wonderful experience because it allowed me to spend a few hours each week hanging out with adorable young children who never failed to make me smile. It also taught me about caring for and interacting with young children of different ages.

Q: What made you decide to continue to volunteer at Parenting Now!?

Hailey: It was a fun work environment and I enjoyed making friends with the staff and kids there. I really wanted to dedicate myself to one organization for a long period of time rather than jump around between volunteer positions so that I could gain experience in one area. The exciting atmosphere also kept me there. I enjoyed the weekly challenge of watching the kids and that there was always something happening while I was there.

Madison: I decided to continue volunteering at Parenting Now! because spending time with cute little kids was a nice contrast to the stress of pursuing the full IB diploma and I enjoyed learning about the stages of early childhood simply by watching and interacting with young children as they grew up.

Q: What are your plans for the future?  

Hailey: In September, I headed to Portland State University to attend the Honors College to pursue a degree in History. I hope to one day obtain my PhD in history and become a college professor in the subject. I also hope to travel a lot in my future.

Madison: This fall, I started college at Lewis & Clark in Portland.  I plan on double majoring in math and English in order to become a teacher certified to teach both subjects.  I love working with children and plan to continue to do so throughout my life.

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