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Using The 4 Questions

Discipline as Teaching and Learning/Using the Four Questions: Discussion

In the Make Parenting A Pleasure curriculum, we help parents understand that discipline is about teaching children. To help parents understand this concept, discuss the qualities of a helpful teacher.

Time: 40 minutes

Material: ƒ Markers and The Four Question cards provided in the Make Parenting A Pleasure Ready Kit


Qualities of a Helpful Teacher


Using The Four Questions
In the  Make Parenting A Pleasure curriculum, we define discipline as teaching. Using The Four Questions can help parents think about how to teach their children the skills and behaviors they want them to learn. When using The Four Questions, help parents consider the following:


The Four Questions:

1. What do I want my child to learn?
2. Is what I’m doing teaching that?
3. Are there any negative results from it?
4. If so, what can I do differently?

ƒ As a group, practice applying The Four Questions to the following parenting scenarios:

A 2 ½ year old hits the dog with a toy sword.

A 7 year old does not clear his dishes when he leaves the table.

Make sure that parents identify what they want the child to learn TO DO rather than identify what they do not want the child to do. ƒ Help parents identify a specific skill or behavior the child can learn rather than a general one. ƒ At the end of the discussion, give each parent The Four Questions card to take home. Parents can practice using The Four Questions at home to help them think about how to teach their children what they want them to learn.