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Oodles of Doodles – Getting Creative With Toddlers

Art and creativity are an essential component to the human experience. While we may not all be master painters or seasoned pianists, we all have outlets for our creative endeavors. For some of us, it’s organizing clutter or designing floral arrangements—or maybe, it’s simply getting down and dirty with some finger paints with your toddler.

Getting creative with your toddler can be an enriching experience for you and your child—as well as a lot of fun! Art activities help promote language, social, motor, and intellectual development. Art also teaches children about their world and how to interpret it. With encouragement, children will gain confidence in their artistic abilities, which will carry with them throughout their lifetime. But first, let’s start at the beginning.

 Art 101: Child Readiness

Fine motor skills are a child’s ability to manipulate their fingers and hands to do things such as holding a pencil, cutting with scissors, and tying shoelaces. Between 1 and 2 years old, toddlers are able make scribbles and hold crayons and markers with their fists. Over the next couple years, your toddler’s fine motor abilities will explode, allowing them to grow their creativity.

For a rundown of fine and gross motor skills by age, ways to engage with the arts locally, and to read the full article, visit lanekids.org.

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