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Are You Feeling Time-Poor? Time management tips for busy families

Parenting presents challenges at all stages of the game. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the challenges that come with parenting your school-aged children, you’re not alone.

You might think to yourself that because your kids are at an age where they are now fully feeding, dressing, and—GASP—using the bathroom by themselves, that you should be sailing through life, right?! So why is it that when we finally pass through the demands of toddlerhood, we still find ourselves with the same amount of stress, anxiety, and lack of time?

Not enough time in the day

With children in school for 6-6.5 hours per day, there leaves little time before bedtime to fit in your work responsibilities, dentist appointments, after school care and activities, homework, dinner, baths, playtime…whew! Are you struggling to get everything in since school started? It’s tough for families with children just starting elementary school to figure out how to fit everything into their day.

But with a little planning and organization, there are ways to make life a little easier:

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