Take a Road Trip This Summer

young family mom dad and child enjoying road trip in the woods

Summer is already busy, so why should you prioritize taking a road trip with your young kids? The answer is simple - because life is busy. Road trips don’t have to be big or elaborate to make a big impact on your kids!

Road trips are a time to connect. The act of driving to the destination is a memory your children will remember with love for years to come. Road trips put your family in a position to sit and talk and play for hours, without distractions that might come up at home. The drive will create an opportunity for silly, low-key family moments together. You can play games by looking for letters of the alphabet, sing silly songs, tell stories, and talk about all the fun you’re about to experience together!

Fun Road Trip Activities

  • I Spy With My Little Eye (Something that is…purple!)
  • Counting game - Pick an item to keep track of and then count them together. (Count the number of red cars or the number of barns, train crossings, or speed limit signs.)
  • Guess the Animal - One person thinks of an animal and everyone else takes turns asking questions to try and figure out which animal it is. (Model asking broad questions first, such as does it walk on four legs or does it have fur, before moving onto the more direct questions, like is it a giraffe.)
  • The Alphabet Game - Take turns trying to find the letters of the alphabet (Find an “A” in a license plate, then a “B” on a road sign, a “C” at a gas station, etc.

Road trips also offer more flexibility than other modes of transportation, such as flying, trains, or public transportation. That might sound counterintuitive at first, but driving allows you to create or change your schedule as needs arise. If your toddler needs some fresh air or your baby needs a bottle, or you just want to explore a new area, you can make that happen at any time!

While a flight with kids is just something you aim to get through and finish, the road trip becomes its own unique adventure, something to enjoy. Even if it’s a simple drive a few hours away, the magic created from time together as a family will enhance your trip, instead of just serving as a way to get there.

Whether it’s a drive across the country or an hour away to a zoo, packing up the car and getting everyone together to drive to a destination is a positive bonding experience.

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