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The Lazy—and Learning—Days of Summer

August has always been my favorite part of summer—first as child and then as a teacher. For many of us, the school-year calendar dictates our schedules and time available to relax and play in the summer sun.  My family moved to Eugene 21 years ago from a small town on coastal Maine. Our first summer …

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Creating a Successful Summer Chore Plan

Creating a Successful Summer Chore Plan With the kids home for summer and lots of housework that needs tending to, you may be wondering what chores you can give to your older children. Studies have shown that there are benefits to children having chores, including learning mastery of a task and feeling a sense of …

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4 Tips for Drowning Prevention

4 Tips for Drowning Prevention With summer just on the horizon, families are looking up pool schedules and filling their backyards with kiddie pools, water tables, and sprinklers to run through. But here’s a startling fact: Children can drown in as little as 1 inch of water. One INCH! That means, any standing water can …

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Kids and Sports

The Triple P Team talks sportsmanship, competition, and selecting the right sport for your child.  In Lane County, spring sports are in full swing.  Soccer, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, T-ball – everything is gearing up for a fun experience for kids and families.  Sports play an important role in many children’s lives and provide them with …

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Active Children Have Lower Obesity Rates

With our children facing obesity rates of 24 percent – higher than the national average – it is critical that families have places for kids to be physically active, and our regional recreation sites offer great ways to keep our kids moving.

The Library’s a Coool Place

Remember that glorious feeling of freedom when school ended for the summer? Then the dejection as reality set in and you realized you faced two whole months with nothing to do? Boredom! It’s even worse when it is your kids feeling bored and you don’t have the cash to go on vacation. The good news is that your public library can help you plan a journey of fun activities in your local community.

Playing is a Child’s Work

For young children, play is the means through which they access the world around them. Play is how they learn how things work, how to get their needs met, how to interact with others, and all of the concepts and skills they need to learn.
For you as a parent, play is your passport, the entrance to building a supportive, nurturing relationship with your child. You provide your child with food, clothing and shelter to meet your child’s basic care needs. But what do you provide to meet your child’s developmental needs?

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