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Counting Stars: Ways to help toddlers who resist sleep

Count yourself among the rare and lucky if you are a parent of a toddler who willingly—maybe even eagerly—hops right into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, because most families with toddlers experience bedtime challenges. In fact, it’s part of the delightful package called toddlerhood! It’s so common, that it’s estimated that one in three …

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Responding to Nightmares

Did you have nightmares as a kid? Even if you don’t remember having them, chances are you probably did. And, for some of us, our childhood nightmares were so powerful that we still remember them to this day! Childhood nightmares are common in children 3-5 years old. With changes to their routine (starting in preschool …

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Consistency is Key To Bedtime Routines

It’s true that getting a toddler to sleep is exhausting work. It takes guts; determination; and a strong will. . . Or maybe just a solid bedtime routine. Easier said than done, but below are tips gleaned from happy, rested parents. Bedtime routines are a predictable set of steps you follow each night before sleep. …

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Baby Sleep Safety

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month. As a pediatrician, I constantly field questions concerning safety around the home, foods that pose choking hazards, etc. One topic I am particularly passionate about educating parents on is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS. New parents worry about all sorts of risks to their …

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A la camita… Los retos a la hora de dormir a tu peque

¿Pensaste que las noches en vela estaban reservadas solo para la fase de un peque que acaba de nacer? La mayoría de los padres y madres pueden testificar que en cada etapa habrá interrupciones en el sueño. Uno de cada tres peques menores a 5 años, experimentan problemas a la hora de irse a dormir, …

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Dream a Little Dream – Toddler Bedtime Challenges

The Triple P Team tackles bedtime challenges, including refusing sleep or staying in bed.  Thinking restless nights are reserved exclusively for the newborn phase? Most parents can tell you all ages can have interrupted nights. One in three children under the age of 5 experiences bedtime struggles, which can include: Taking a long time to fall …

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Sleep is Vital for Children

In addition to benefits for the brain and for behavior, having regular bedtime routines and getting adequate sleep has positive impacts on children’s health, including regulation of blood sugars and a decreased risk for childhood obesity.

Often, bedtime routines are cited by parents as one of the most challenging parenting experiences. However, learning routines is like learning any other skill for a young child – through repetition and practice, they can master the routine and benefit from a consistent sleep schedule.

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