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Preschool Readiness and The Importance of Play-Based Learning

When working with parents, I am often asked: “Is my toddler ‘ready’ for a preschool?” The next question that follows is: “Will it help or hurt my child in any way?” Every child is different, but research into early childhood shows that even a few hours a week in an intentionally prepared environment with age-based …

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Avoiding After-School Meltdowns

Karen loves picking up her daughter, Lupa, from preschool. Lupa greets her with a big hug and shows her mom the art she made at school. But when they get home, Lupa goes into meltdown mode, becoming irritable and easily frustrated by everyday things that on a non-school day wouldn’t upset her. Lupa’s mom wonders …

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The Lazy—and Learning—Days of Summer

August has always been my favorite part of summer—first as child and then as a teacher. For many of us, the school-year calendar dictates our schedules and time available to relax and play in the summer sun.  My family moved to Eugene 21 years ago from a small town on coastal Maine. Our first summer …

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Helping Hands: Teach Your Preschooler to Help Clean Up

Helping Hands: Teach Your Preschooler to Help Clean Up This scene is all too familiar: You’ve spent the morning cleaning while you’re child is at preschool. But the minute they come home, all your hard work is dismantled within a matter of minutes. This blog post will challenge you to look at an alternative perspective. …

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Supporting young children’s social-emotional development at home

Just like teaching children their letters and numbers, children can be taught to play with friends, express emotions in safe ways, understand emotions in others and solve problems.

Oodles of Doodles – Getting Creative With Toddlers

Art and creativity are an essential component to the human experience. While we may not all be master painters or seasoned pianists, we all have outlets for our creative endeavors. For some of us, it’s organizing clutter or designing floral arrangements—or maybe, it’s simply getting down and dirty with some finger paints with your toddler. …

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Finding the Right Preschool

Some parents are matter-of-fact about sending their child to preschool. They may have older children who have gone to preschool or friends and neighbors who have placed their children in preschool programs, so they know what to expect. Other parents may struggle with the idea of sending their 2-, 3- or 4-year-old off to school …

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Rebel With A Cause: Understanding Preschooler Misbehavior

During this developmental period, your preschooler starts making more independent choices and having specific preferences for things. This independence streak sometimes looks like disobedience or “misbehavior” when a child doesn’t follow your house rules or has a tantrum when asked to do something they don’t want to do.

School Daze: Helping Preschoolers With Separation Challenges

Gearing up for preschool can be an exciting time for parents and toddlers. But even with all that excitement, starting preschool can be tough for toddlers who struggle with separation challenges. The good news is there are a number of strategies you can try to help take the edge off of this big transition.

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