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Fitness Corner: The Low-Down on Diastasis Recti

With Parenting Now!’s Mother’s Day 5K coming up, we stopped to chat with Baby Boot Camp-Eugene’s Owner and Lead Instructor Annie Mills about a common health issue many new moms face—Diastasis Recti. Q: What is Diastasis Recti? A: Moms I talk with often complain about a belly “pooch” that seems to never go away after …

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Mom Strong: Exercising Postpartum

This week, Annie Mills, lead instructor of Baby Boot Camp Eugene, helps gear us up for our Mother’s Day 5K with these postpartum exercise tips. Sign up today! Exercising during and after pregnancy is essential to our overall health. Exercise helps reduce your risk of injury, ease postpartum discomforts, boost your body image, improve your …

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