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Risky Business: The Benefits of Letting Children Take Risks

The phrase “Helicopter Parent” gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s used to describe parents who overprotect their children from risk or failure, whether it’s physical or emotional. Most of us are not as extreme as “Helicopter Parents,” but we want to protect our children. Allowing our children to take risks can be challenging …

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Home-Grown Fun

Parenting Now!’s July 2017 Register-Guard article in the Healthy Families section: Summer vacation is in full swing, and many families are enjoying more relaxed ­mornings, lazy afternoons, popsicles and sunshine. But along with all that summer fun comes the ­inevitable, “I’m bored.” While we can’t be our children’s 24-hour personal entertainment service, it is important …

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Let’s Play

We were designed to move! That’s why the importance of physical activity for children cannot be overstated in the 21st century. Physical exercise and activity is essential for children. The earlier they start, the healthier and more capable they will be in all aspects of their education and life. The research and evidence is incontrovertible. …

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Playing is a Child’s Work

For young children, play is the means through which they access the world around them. Play is how they learn how things work, how to get their needs met, how to interact with others, and all of the concepts and skills they need to learn.
For you as a parent, play is your passport, the entrance to building a supportive, nurturing relationship with your child. You provide your child with food, clothing and shelter to meet your child’s basic care needs. But what do you provide to meet your child’s developmental needs?

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