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Water Play STEAM Activities

  Summer is great for using your outside space or park to get your kids outside exploring and trying new things. Water play is fun, messy, and full of opportunities to incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) into your play time. Here are some of my favorite water play ideas. Color Mixing Color …

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Gardening, Outdoor Activities Help Kids Avoid Indoor Doldrums

Maybe you’re feeling cooped up after spending rainy days indoors and two years’ worth of pandemic-related closures. Maybe you’re inspired by the bulbs blooming outside, new growth on shrubs and trees, or increased bird activity? Or perhaps your child is just bouncing off the walls and needs to move? Whatever the reason, it’s a great …

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Positive Attention Through Play

A close, nurturing, and responsive relationship is the single most important factor affecting our children’s well-being. One of the most powerful ways we can strengthen our relationship with our children is through Positive Attention Through Play. Positive Attention Through Play is an important way to connect with our children and help them learn about themselves and …

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Exercising Your Child’s Creativity

Kids are naturally creative, and your unique child is going to express their creativity in their own special way. Some kids express themselves through singing; others like to smear paint all over a canvas; and some kids like to make patterns out of items found in nature. Point is, it’s ALL good and it’s ALL …

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Teaching Your Preschooler To Stop Interrupting

This week, the Triple P Team discusses ways to teach preschoolers how to play quietly and independently while you are busy. When you first become a parent, even the simplest of tasks can seem challenging. But as you move through the baby and toddler years, certain things become easier, such as your child being able to …

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