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Parents Need Support More Than Ever

After six weeks of physical distancing, many of us are feeling the effects of social isolation. This is especially true for parents who were already experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression brought on by isolation, lack of support from family or friends, as well as the stress of caring for a baby. For 40 years, Parenting …

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Utilize and Support Area’s Programs Fighting Abuse

What if we knew how to create healthy families, improve health, build thriving communities and reduce problems like child abuse, neglect, substance abuse, obesity, and even cancer? Wouldn’t we do those things? What if you heard that we already know what we need to do in order to create thriving families and communities? That what it takes is …

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Kids and Sports

The Triple P Team talks sportsmanship, competition, and selecting the right sport for your child.  In Lane County, spring sports are in full swing.  Soccer, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, T-ball – everything is gearing up for a fun experience for kids and families.  Sports play an important role in many children’s lives and provide them with …

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All Parents Can Use Support

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. Many studies show a parent’s influence on a child’s growth and development is more important than any other factor. Yet no one is “born with” parenting skills – it’s something learned through modeling other parents and learning parenting skills. In cultures and families where it’s more …

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Campaign will Focus on Positive Parenting

We’ve all seen it. You are in line at the grocery store and someone’s child is having a meltdown right there in the aisle. The howls, the tears, the frazzled parent just trying to pick up food for dinner. We’ve all thought to ourselves, “Whoa, glad that isn’t me!” Some of us add, “At least …

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Raising Grateful Children

A couple of years ago, on a crisp and sunny October day, I left my office for a lunch break and drove to a local cafe. Many students waited in line and filled the outdoor tables. As I walked in, an attractive young woman, who appeared to be about 17, approached me. She wore fashionable distressed skinny …

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Crecer: Fall 2015 Newsletter

    Crecer, “To Grow Up,” is Led by Ana Maria Dudley Imagine moving to a new country, learning a new language, and adapting to the new culture and traditions. It could be an adventure; it could be stressful. Now imagine raising young children in this new world. It would definitely be stressful! Crecer, which …

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Learn About Your Newborn

The phone rang midway through the morning, two days after my granddaughter’s birth and hours before the prescribed ‘discharge time’ from the hospital maternity unit. My daughter’s quiet voice came over the phone line. “Mom, I’m afraid.” “Of what, honey?” “Mom, I can’t do this. The nurse just came in, they want me to get …

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Coaching Improves Parenting

“Everybody is always telling you when you are doing something wrong; no one ever tells you when you are doing something good.” A single dad of two preschool age boys said this while participating in a 10-week video coaching program at Pearl Buck Center’s preschool. Pearl Buck Preschool is a tuition-free preschool serving children and …

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