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Communicating With Your Child During Times Of Stress

As many parents’ balance working from home, helping their children with distance learning, and trying to meet everyone’s basic needs, communication skills can sometimes suffer under the weight of managing it all. It’s important—especially during times of stress—to give special attention to how we communicate with our children. Here, there, everywhere! There are a lot …

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Tips for Homework Success

It’s the middle of the school year—there are more hours of daylight; the weather is starting to warm up (ever so slightly); and the weekends and after-school hours are starting to fill up with spring sports on the horizon. Your child’s homework might be the last thing on your mind. If you and your child …

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Avoiding After-School Meltdowns

Karen loves picking up her daughter, Lupa, from preschool. Lupa greets her with a big hug and shows her mom the art she made at school. But when they get home, Lupa goes into meltdown mode, becoming irritable and easily frustrated by everyday things that on a non-school day wouldn’t upset her. Lupa’s mom wonders …

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Hands-on Fun: Fall STEAM Activities

As parents, many of us strive to provide our children with well-rounded experiences that, hopefully, aid them in their learning and understanding of the world. Following the STEAM model of education is a practical way of giving your preschooler (and older children) opportunities to learn a variety of skills across multiple platforms of education. These …

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In The Moment: Being a More Present Parent

Our children are connected and attached to us! Sometimes that attachment is overwhelming and it seems like they just want our attention all the time. Whether it’s an infant’s cry, your older son endlessly talking about Minecraft, or your toddler needing extra snuggles at the end of a long day,  it’s built into their DNA—and …

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