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Baby Sleep Safety

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month. As a pediatrician, I constantly field questions concerning safety around the home, foods that pose choking hazards, etc. One topic I am particularly passionate about educating parents on is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS. New parents worry about all sorts of risks to their …

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Proper Form for Running or Walking With Baby

After my daughter was born, figuring out how I could exercise with her in tow was a major priority. Being able to go for a hike with her in a carrier, and eventually take her out in a jogging stroller, made me feel less trapped in the house and helped me keep postpartum depression at …

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¿Qué dijiste?

Aunque no hable, cante o baile, como lo hacen algunos bebés que llegan a verse en los medios, tu peque se está comunicando.  Al hablar y escuchar a tu bebé desde el primer día de su vida,  no sólo le ayudas a desarrollar habilidades del lenguaje, sino también a establecer una relación de comunicación abierta …

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Healthy Families Going Strong

This message is regarding my Healthy Families home visitor, Dixie. I don’t know where to begin. Dixie has been a huge blessing in my and my daughter’s life in the last 3 years. She’s seen me at my best, and worst. She has really given me great tools to become a better first time mother! I …

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Baby’s Bag: Prepare for Disaster

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’ve had quite of bit of discussion recently about the possibility of a major earthquake, and many families were already displaced this summer as a result of wildfires. Now with Halloween on the horizon, I’ve been particularly aware of the potential repercussions of a zombie invasion as well. Having a …

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Learn About Your Newborn

The phone rang midway through the morning, two days after my granddaughter’s birth and hours before the prescribed ‘discharge time’ from the hospital maternity unit. My daughter’s quiet voice came over the phone line. “Mom, I’m afraid.” “Of what, honey?” “Mom, I can’t do this. The nurse just came in, they want me to get …

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Surviving Postpartum Depression

I struggled with Postpartum Depression (or Perinatal Mood Disorder) from the time my daughter was 5 weeks old. At first, I wasn’t convinced that I had a real problem; I just thought that I was bad at being a mom and I needed to buck up and get used to it. Thankfully, my husband encouraged …

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When to End Breastfeeding?

When I was pregnant, I had lofty goals about exclusively breastfeeding. I was prepared for it to be difficult, but I had imagined that difficulty would mostly just be sore nipples. I wasn’t prepared to struggle with baby’s poor latch and low supply. I had also planned on cloth diapering, and let’s just say it’s …

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Flexible Parenting

Before my 6-week-old son, Jasper, was even conceived, he was already teaching me one of the most valuable lessons of my life so far. It took my husband and me nearly three years to finally welcome our first child, and it wasn’t until two years into that process that I received the insight I needed …

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