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Positive Parenting Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Parenting is important work—but it isn’t always easy. Even though it can be the most rewarding work we do, often it can feel exhausting and demanding. Parents have the important responsibility of raising the next generation. As we walk into this role hopeful and excited, many of us may feel unprepared, learning through trial and …

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Create a Safe, Interesting Environment

Step 1 of Positive Parenting: Create a Safe, Interesting Environment Many of us start the New Year with a set of resolutions, usually centered on bettering ourselves in some way—whether it’s eating healthier or saving money. The New Year is also a wonderful time to assess how you are doing with Triple P’s 5 Steps …

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Childproofing for the Outdoors

Following up on last week’s water safety post, this week we discuss other ways to keep your kids safe in your own backyard. Summer is officially in full swing, which means the sprinklers are flowing and swimsuits have become everyday wear. As toddlers and young children ask to spend more and more time playing outside, …

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Preventing Injuries At Home

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month. Throughout the month, Parenting Now is featuring blog posts, written by local doctors, on a variety of child’s safety issues. Home is where children are most at risk of suffering minor AND major injuries. Whether it’s the battery in your television remote control that is swallowed, a …

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