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Live Discussion: Routines

Join our Parenting Educators for a live Virtual Parenting Support discussion on “Routines,” with a Q&A to follow. Topics include: Why routines are helpful. Ways new routines can shake up challenging habits. How we can adapt our routines in these challenging times. email vps@parentingnow.org to register and receive your link to the online discussion on …

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Helping Kids Feel Safe

During challenging times or periods of uncertainty in our lives, children—even as young as infants—can pick up on our stress levels. They worry along with us as we hear unsettling reports on the news or overhear conversations about being able to pay rent this month or worry about a relative who is ill. It’s important …

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Tips For Parenting In Uncertain Times

Whether you have a 1-month old, 1-year old, or 10-year old, chances are you are currently parenting very differently than you were mere weeks ago before schools were closed, events were cancelled, and you were asked to practice social distancing. Parenting under a pandemic is uncharted territory for pretty much all of us. It’s not …

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Resources for Parenting Through COVID-19

If you have young children, this is likely the first time you’ve had to parent through a pandemic. COVID-19 has completely upturned our daily lives, our routines—everything. And we have concerns about our health, our children’s health, how to talk to our kids about Coronavirus, and where to get financial support during a time of …

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