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Supporting Your Child’s Re-Entry To School

After a year-plus of distance learning, Lane County children are re-entering the classroom. For some, it’s their first time away from home. Whether your child is entering kindergarten for the first time or going into elementary school, children of all ages are likely to experience separation anxiety from their caregivers as they transition into a …

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Finding the Right Preschool

Some parents are matter-of-fact about sending their child to preschool. They may have older children who have gone to preschool or friends and neighbors who have placed their children in preschool programs, so they know what to expect. Other parents may struggle with the idea of sending their 2-, 3- or 4-year-old off to school …

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Problem Solved! Tactics for easing homework challenges

As school settles in for the fall season, many kindergarteners and elementary school children are heading home with homework packets in their backpacks. Homework needn’t be a time of stress or pressure. Enjoy this opportunity to spend time together and learn about the world again through your child’s eyes.

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