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Surviving (and Thriving) As A Single Parent

Single parenting often comes with extra stressors. As the sole care provider, it’s hard to be available for your child’s physical and emotional needs 100% of the time. And when taking a break is rare to come by, stressors can compound one another. However, there are ways to reduce and manage stress, as well as foster closeness with your child!


From infants to young children, our littlest ones thrive on a routine they can count on. Whatever your routines, your child can feel comforted by knowing expectations. It can also help create a calm atmosphere and provide opportunities for you to get needed breaks. Anything you do the same way at the same time every day can be a routine. For example, your children will know that after dinner comes playtime, book time, brush teeth time, snuggle time, and then bedtime. If the routine happens at the same time in the same way every day, they know what is coming next, and they can take pride eventually in telling you what comes next (rather than resist).


Even very young children ask for limits in the way they behave. Limits can make your child feel safe and give them freedom to explore within secure boundaries. As a single parent, setting clear and understandable limits can help you avoid spending too much of your time explaining and re-explaining rules to your child.


As a single parent you are the one always saying setting limits or saying no. Whatever you say, be consistent and follow through. Your child will form helpful habits and you can avoid disappointment and confusion. When you set a consistent limit, like “just three stories before bed”, and you consistently follow your limit, your child will argue less and you can enjoy more quality time together.

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