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Summertime, Summertime, Sun, Sun, Summertime…

It’s still summer in Oregon — no need to start “singing in the rain” for a few months. In fact, August and September can bring on the heat. What better way to cool down than to take a dip in some Northwest water!

Here in Lane County, you can easily go to the ocean or mountain lakes. You can dip your feet when you walk on the river path. You can dunk yourself in Amazon Pool or a backyard pool. No matter what water your child is in though, there are important cautions to take to make fun water times, safe times.

Look at me!

Water accidents can happen quickly. Kids need to ALWAYS be supervised in the water even if:

Make sure to dump out kiddie pools in the back yard when you’re finished to keep young children and pets from drowning – even when they are just a few inches deep.

“Touch” supervision is needed for infants, toddlers and those without good swimming skills. You should be within touching distance of your child – can you reach out with your arm and grab them if needed?

Water “fashion”

Baby it’s cold — in the water

And on the other hand, it’s too hot

Check out these sun and safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics!

Summer Fun is Thirsty Work

Just because you were in the water all day…

Being in a lake, river or creek doesn’t mean you’ve “bathed” (despite what your child might think). In fact, it’s important to shower well after swimming to avoid possible rashes or irritations from bacteria in the “natural” water or chemicals from pools.

Don’t Forget the Fun!

Once you take care of safety measures, there are tons of ways to play in the water.

So, cool off and have fun, but remember whether you are at home or away, when you are in the water, be right there with your kids, protect them with safe gear and sun protection, make sure they don’t get too cold (or hot), and bring them lots of water to drink. And after being in the water all day, rinse it all off and hit the showers! You’ll have happy, clean and most-likely calm kids at the end of the summer day.


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