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Simple Solutions for Stressful Mornings

Do you find your day starting off in chaos and stress as you try to get your child to school on time? Would you believe us if we told you, it doesn’t have to be that way? Try these simple strategies for making your morning routine one less thing to worry about.

Try the Simple Solution

Habits are Habit Forming

Children like routines. They like to know what to expect. They gain self-confidence when they can meet or exceed expectations. When they don’t meet expectation, they can learn about natural consequences.

Create a list of tasks you expect your child to get done in the morning:

In addition to a list of tasks, try a checklist by the door too. Brushed teeth? Brought lunch and homework? Turned off lights in your bedroom?

The Night Before

What can you take care of the night before to avoid some of the morning rushes?

Your Unique Child and Your Unique You

Everyone has different energy at different times of day, learns different ways, likes and dislikes different things and has their own strengths and challenges. What would make your morning routines best for your individual child, yourself and your family?

Notice your child’s skills and accomplishments. They will love hearing you praise them for remembering their lunch. You’ll feel better focusing on the positive.

Staying Calm When the Inevitable Happens

No matter what you do, there will be mornings when things don’t go according to plan – Your child suddenly decides she hates her favorite cereal and refuses to eat anything else or you forgot the school bake sale was today. The list can go on. The unexpected happens and things don’t run as smoothly as you wish, even with the great planning you do. So what now?

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Even if you are not a morning person, by organizing and creating routines, mornings can go more smoothly. Involve your child in creating a plan that works for them and you. Give praise when they follow through and natural consequences when they don’t.

Try your best to stay calm and in good humor and you might even enjoy the mornings.

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