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Setting Limits for Curious Toddlers

It’s amazing to watch the transformations that our children go through during the infant and toddler years, starting out as seemingly helpless newborns and blossoming into toddlers who can walk, talk, make decisions, and show preferences for certain foods, toys, and company.

But with a toddler’s growing independence and curiosity can come some challenging behavior, including repeatedly doing something you’ve asked them to stop.

An important skill that many parents want to begin to instill at this age is internal control or self-regulation/self-control. In order to teach that, we set limits until the child learns how to behave appropriately. Some people frame their child’s response to limits as “disobedience.” It may be more helpful to think of what you are doing as following through with a limit you have set, until he can learn and can control himself. In other words, you are not trying to make him do what you say, you are helping him learn limits and how to behave in an acceptable way.

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