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First Three Years Program: The Robinson Family

Judy and Dave Robinson are recent alumni of Parenting Now!’s First Three Years Program. In addition, the family also celebrated the birth of their third child, Cooper, this summer!

The family recently spoke with us about their experience in the First Three Years Program:

Q: How old are your children?

A: Belle is 3 1/2, Max is 22 months, and Cooper was born on Friday, June 28, 2019.

Q: What Parenting Now! groups have you participated in?

A: We started in the Incredible INFANTs group with Belle and have done them all—we just finished the Thrilling THREEs group.

Q: Why did you decide to join a parenting group?

A: We thought it would be a great resource for information and a way to connect with other parents. At the time, we were new to the area, didn’t know a lot of people, and didn’t know any other parents locally or even people with babies. I also liked that the group was a commitment to get out of the house and participate in something with a new baby.

Q: What were your expectations of a parenting group? 

A: We really didn’t know what to expect, but there was a lot more information [in our Parenting Now! group] than I expected, which was great because we needed it!

Q: What was your experience in your Parenting Now! groups?

A: It was amazing! We had the same wonderful Parenting Educator for all our groups, which was great. It was like you were picking up where you left off with each new class. Parenting Educator Sarah Lame always had a lot of great information and advice but, most importantly, she always supported us. Hearing someone else tell you that issues you are having are normal and that you are doing a good job means more than you can imagine. Also hearing other people’s struggles and successes was very helpful. You realize you’re not alone. We looked forward to every class in every group. We also made some great friends and have a group of people we can reach out to.

Q: What skills and tools did you learn from your Parenting Educators?

A: Understanding how we are parenting and being intentional with it was probably my biggest takeaway. There are so many pieces to that: getting on your child’s level, listening, being clear, setting boundaries, and having reasonable expectations all contribute to that; understanding the impact we have on our children’s lives and what an amazing opportunity that is. We often think of our children’s suitcases that Sarah spoke about and what we are putting in them. Being conscious of what we want for their future. Also knowing that you won’t always be perfect and you don’t have to do all these things 100% of the time to have a happy, well-balanced child.

Q: Have your parenting groups influenced or change the way you parent?

A: Yes, definitely. It has made us more aware of what we are doing. We know the pros and cons to things we are doing and are more capable of making good parenting choices for what is the most beneficial for our kids. It has also opened our eyes about things we just didn’t know about.

Q: Would you recommend Parenting Now! to other parents? 

A: Absolutely! The support and information you gain are so valuable. As a parent, you need that resource and opportunity to connect with other people in the same place as you.

Q: What was the most valuable thing you gained from Parenting Now!?

A: Everything we gained was valuable. It is too hard to pick one thing. There wasn’t any wasted time or information.

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