Parenting Now!

Program Highlight: Make Parenting A Pleasure

Fifteen families listen attentively as the group’s parenting educator holds a glass of water.

The analogy is simple enough but its meaning profound: You start your day with a glass of water. As the day progresses, you take small sips. Eventually those small sips result in an empty cup. Now the question is: How do you replenish it?

It’s the same with parenting.

Parenting Now!’s Make Parenting A Pleasure (MPAP) group starts with a conversation about self-care: Like the empty glass, how do you fill yourself back up so you can successfully care for yourself and your child?

MPAP was created to respond to the needs of parents experiencing high levels of stress, whether it be financial instability, emotional distress, or a physical illness. The program addresses the stress, isolation, and lack of adequate parenting information and social support that many parents experience.

Parents in the program meet once a week for 12 weeks to learn positive methods of parenting and managing stress. It provides parents with an opportunity to enhance communication and develop a network of families for support.

In addition to providing parents with the opportunity to make friends with other parents and build their community, Parenting Now!’s MPAP program promotes reframing discipline as teaching. “One thing that parents always want to learn is discipline,” says Anita Huffman, MPAP Program Manager. “We talk to parents about how discipline means to ‘teach’ and we look at prevention: ‘How can you avoid meltdowns at the grocery store?’”

Make Parenting A Pleasure is a starting off point for parents—a place where they can learn more about their personal parenting style and options for guiding their children. 

The original Make Parenting A Pleasure curriculum was published in 1997. It is now being updated to include the latest in child development. Parent educators throughout the world have used the MPAP curriculum in their communities to help parents experiencing stress, or at risk for child abuse.

“I really think that every parent should take a parenting class, I really do,” says Anita. “It gives you that time to come in and really focus on yourself.”

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