Parenting The First Three Years — Terrific TWOs®


Terrific TWOs® is a developmentally based curriculum designed for healthcare systems, community colleges and other organizations that wish to offer in-depth parenting education to the universal population of parents of children ages 24-35 months.

Terrific TWOs includes:

  • 10 individual modules
  • Individual videos and video guide
  • Parenting educator guide
  • 15 parent booklets
  • Evaluation materials

Terrific TWOs® is the third curriculum in the Parenting The First Three Years® series. Terrific TWOs is evidence-based and research-informed, designed for a universal population of parents of children ages 24-35 months of age. Focused on parents’ knowledge of child development, it provides them with mutual support and helps to prevent their isolation – a key protective factor in abuse prevention.

Designed by parenting educators for parenting educators, Terrific TWOs’ facilitated approach to parenting education helps parents achieve their goals for their families and respects the diversity of those goals. Parenting educators give the program high marks for its ease-of-use.

The discussion-focused sessions are straightforward and comprehensive, enabling the implementation of the program without a training requirement. However, comprehensive facilitator training is available through Parenting Now and is highly beneficial for even the most experienced parenting educator.

Terrific TWOs is group-based. Its curriculum is modularized into ten discrete sessions, contained within separate facilitator booklets. This enables organizations to support multiple groups using a single set of materials.

Each session’s module booklet is formatted with icons that guide the parenting educator, identify key concepts and session agendas, and provide supply lists. Reproducible parent handouts are provided, along with forms for tracking attendance, collecting feedback, etc. The curriculum comes with videos on DVD that act as conversation starters to enhance discussion and meeting flow.

Terrific TWOs is designed to utilize a conversational process which respects the skills of the parenting educator, empowers families, and can be adapted to suit a wide range of environments and populations to maximally improve outcomes. The parenting educator acts as a guide to help families discover unrealized parenting knowledge. This approach raises the confidence of parents as they discover that they already possess the capabilities necessary to achieve their family goals.

Terrific TWOs addresses key topics including:

  • How to focus on children who are beginning to talk and have their own ideas.
  • Information on temperament
  • Discipline as learning
  • What skills TWOs need to be safe and successful as they move into the outside world.

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