Parenting: The First Three Years Online

Looking for a friendly companion on this amazing new journey of parenthood?

While our community practices shelter-in-place, we are offering families FREE access to Parenting Now’s First Three Years Online (F3Y Online), an online platform for gaining parenting education for the first three years of your child’s life!

To learn more or register, visit and use the password “Gift”.

F3Y Online curriculum uses the latest research on child development, positive parenting strategies, and brain development to help give you the tools to support your child’s health, development, and well-being. Through F3Y Online your family will learn:

  • the latest in child development and appropriate expectations for children
  • best  practices that support children’s cognitive development
  • stress and anger management skills
  • positive discipline practices, with a foundation of discipline as teaching and not as punishment
  • how to grow your social support networks

F3Y Online program includes a series of emails, videos, interactives, and printables with songs, games, and information on the following age-targeted topics:

  • Incredible INFANTs: gain sensitivity and responsiveness to infant cues; learn to accurately read infant states and respond appropriately; and learn the importance of warmth and play.
  • Wonderful ONEs: learn about child-led play and building stimulating environments to encourage cognitive development and autonomy, as well as gain skills to strengthen the parent-child relationship, including understanding a one-year-old’s natural and positive motivation to learn and grow; effective communication; discipline as teaching; and emotion-coaching.
  • Terrific TWOs: develop a long-range view in your relationship with your child: what you value for your two-year-old and how you can “pack their suitcase” with the skills, attitudes, and behaviors you want your child to take with them when they are grown.

To learn more or register, visit and use the password “Gift”.

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