Discussions With Parenting Educators

"Am I letting my child stay up to late?" "Is this much crying 'normal' for a newborn?" "Is it selfish to want alone time now that I am a parent?"

These types of questions are common and Parenting Educators hear them often. We've taken some of our most frequently asked parenting questions and created videos that you can watch on your own free time that tackle a variety of topics.

These videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel by clicking the titles below.


Parenting Educators Meredith and Ali discuss the "hows" & "whys" of routines, including why they can be especially helpful for children during stressful times.

Power Struggles

Parenting Educators Meredith and Shaya provide tips for handling power struggles with children.

• Self-Care For the Whole Family

Parenting Educators Meredith and Maren talk about what self-care is and how to realistically do it.

Positive Relationships With Our Children

Parenting Educator Maren talks about how play can help build your relationship with your child.

Mental Health for New and Expecting Parents

Parenting Educator Meredith and guest Heather Gray discusses perinatal mood disorder and mental health.

• All the Feelings!

Parenting Educators Meredith and Ali talk about how to support your child's big feelings.

• Special Time With Your Child During COVID-19

Parenting Educators Maren offers great ideas for activities to do with your child.

• Temperamental Tendencies

Parenting Educators Meredith and Sarah talk about what temperament is and how it affects our interaction with the world.

• Positive Discipline

Parenting Educators Sarah and Ali discuss all things discipline, including teaching and guiding your child rather than using punishment.

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