What Parents Say

Hear the experiences of alumni who attended two of our groups.

Read about a “Birth To Infinity” group that has become an extended family!

“It’s great getting input on how parents raise their children, their troubles and to see if they handle them the same or if it (is) different.” — Parent in Terrific TWOs group

“It has given me the skills, guidance that I needed. It has prevented me from having to learn, figure out by trial and error, and having my child suffer from my ignorance.” — Parent in Terrific TWOs group

“I’m a huge fan. First, I liked learning the milestones and what was in store for my son. And then there were the friends I made.” — Parenting Now! dad

“I think every parent and their child would benefit from attending a (Birth To Three) class. As parents we often are isolated in our child rearing. Many of us do not have the benefit of having grandparents or extended family nearby to help us understand and get through the many challenges of nurturing a child. Even if we do, it is still helpful to get together with parents of similar age babies and, in the process of sharing stories, realize there are many commonalities. We can laugh and realize we are not alone, or we can get ideas in anticipation of things to come. The (Birth To Three) class we attended was informative, supportive, and fun. I recommend it to everyone!” — Maggie Jastremsky, Parenting Now!/Birth To Three parent

“My wife had to drag me to the meetings in the beginning. I now look forward to the next meeting as soon as I’m out the door from the last meeting.” — Parent in Terrific TWOs group

“I found the discussions with the group very useful. You can learn a lot from others. I think everyone should take parenting classes…everyone benefits all around. [My child] has made some very good friends, and so have I! She has learned to interact with children and enjoy herself. I feel that I changed as a result [of] this organization. The experience has made me feel confident that I am a good parent. Parenting has a huge impact on our society. How we raise our children will determine what kind of adults they will become. Our children are our future!” — Dawn Gray, Parenting Now!/Birth To Three parent

“The singular focus was help me, help me figure out this little bundle of joy I just got….Just getting out of the house and being with people in the same situation gave me a weekly focus.” — Jenifer Wuite de Valle

“The group provided me a never-before experienced arena in which I could be free to share my fears, background, desires and ask for help. And, I found I wasn’t alone; there were others who were just as frightened as I. Two more siblings arrived a couple of years later and I again joined another group. I entered the new group with no fear, lots of excitement, more confidence and an awareness that I had certainly changed — I had become a healthy, safe, loving and relaxed mom.” — K.H.

“Our (Birth To Three) group is now our (Birth To Forever) group.” — Parent whose child is now an adult

This is a highlight in our lives and we really appreciate it. Thank you!” — Parent in Wonderful ONEs group

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