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For Parents of Children Aged Zero to Eight

Parenting Now offers parenting groups that meet the needs of many parents. A professional parenting educator facilitates each group and follows a carefully-developed curriculum, but also includes group discussion about topics that are important to you. You’ll receive group sessions, a parent booklet, an e-newsletter and other material unique to each group.

Program for Young Parents

Whether you are a pregnant young adult or already parenting, Parenting Now has the program for you: a group for parents under age 25. We welcome your partner who is actively involved in raising your child.

In the Program for Young Parents, you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of your child
  • Make new friends
  • Learn positive approaches to discipline
  • Learn stress management
  • Build a support network!

Young Parents groups are led by professional parenting educators.

Young Parents

Duration: 12 x 2-hr sessions
Frequency: Every week
Cost: Free!

Make Parenting A Pleasure

Make Parenting A Pleasure® is for families dealing with higher levels of stress. The group focuses on positive parenting and enjoying your child.

Join other parents of children ages birth to 8 years old and learn:

  • How to manage stress in healthy ways
  • Ways to develop realistic expectations for parenting
  • The latest about your child’s development
  • Tools for positive discipline
  • Build a support network

Make Parenting a Pleasure

Age: Birth to 8 years old
Duration: 12 x 2 hr sessions
Frequency: Every week
Cost: Free!


En el grupo Crecer usted conocerá a otros padres de niños recién nacidos y hasta 8 años de edad. Crecer es conducido en Español.

Los grupos son basados en un plan de estudios de Parenting Now comprobado por padres. En este grupo, usted y otros padres de familia aprenderán:

  • Como manejar el estrés de una manera saludable
  • Maneras de desarrollar expectativas realistas para ser padres
  • Lo último en información acerca del desarrollo de los niños
  • Herramientas para la disciplina positiva

….¡Y usted contruirá una red de apoyo!


Age: Birth to 8 years old
Duration: 12 x 2 hr sessions
Frequency: Every week
Cost: Free!

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